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Anonymous sent: Medievel M!A: You are transported to the time of knights, dragons, and magic! last's one week

((*quietly crawls to draw medieval Airheart* ))

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scrapsfromthehip appeared on radar!



"Hello. May I ask who are you?"

::If you give me your designation and faction first:: Catapult replied, not really unfriendly, but definitely firm. 

Airheart hesitated for a short moment. The voice she heard over the comm didn’t give her any clues about the other’s identity, so she could be talking to a Decepticon…which honestly wouldn’t be surprising at all, considering how many Cons she’s already met since her arrival on Earth. Probably even more than Autobots actually, even though she would never admit that.

::My designation’s Airheart. Autobot.:: She simply answered.

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((I’ll send you the M!A once I’m back home, I’m still finishing up my drawing of medieval CJ))

((Great! Thank you. :>

I guess it’s time to draw medieval Airheart now… but I’ll leave that for tomorrow, since it’s almost 1:30 am here. XD ))

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scrapsfromthehip appeared on radar!

"Hello. May I ask who are you?"

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Professional or not, no matter what art style, I wanna see how many artists are out there.

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ghostjumper said: ((We should totally RP! I’m going to be joining in on the medieval M!A fun if you wanna join. c: ))
((Robots and medieval fun? You can totally count me in, yess! c: ))

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(( I understand that, I feel the same way))

((*hugs* I’m like…if I keep RPing/talking with people on regular basis, it all somehow keeps going. But if I allow myself to have a longer break from that, I’m back to my usual quiet and a bit shy self and I just sit here and observe everyone in silence. XD

Actually, you know what? We should totally RP some fun stuff, if you want of course. :> ))

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//pat pats :< i missed you, but i didn’t wanna, like, push you. and i was kind of scarce around here as well OTL

((I missed you too! And now that I’m finally done with stupid bad moods and exams I’m actually always willing to RP or just talk, so if you’ll ever feel like doing so, feel free to send me a message or start something. :> ))

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((…I think I have to teach myself how to approach people again, since I definitely became too quiet and not active enough and it doesn’t work well when it comes to RPing. >.> ))